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                        Amphenol replacement :
                        Molex 087667-5005  (JYP-M2004B-RT02R)
                        Molex 087668-2003 (JYP-F2004B-RT02R)
                        FCI 51700  (JYP-F12000-VT01R)
                        FCI 51751-005 (JYP-F1605B-VT03R)
                        FCI 51915-076(JYP-F0003D-VT01R)
                        FCI 51751-012LF(JYP-F3214B-VT01R)
                        FCI 51731-023LF(JYP-M3214B-RT01R)
                        FCI 51730-119 (JYP-M2404E-RT01R)
                        FCI 51897-008 (JYP-F0003D-VL01R)

                        Copyright 2017 ? Shenzhen Medlon Hardware Product Co.,LTD
                        Tel:138 2886 2712
                        Office Address:Room 401,  1 Area, Building B,  The center of Shenzhen Famous brand industry product,  Baoyuan Road,  Bao An district,  Shenzhen ,  GuangDong China
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